Lynne Olson - Custom Wedding Dress By MeJeanne Couture

Most of my interactions with my custom wedding dress customers have been full of surprises, happy moments and at times full all loud laughter. Some customers on the other hand seem sent directly from Heaven and Lynne is one of those customers.

Bridal gowns can be a serious subject. Actually let me rephrase that they ARE a serious matter that when you think about bring joy, admiration and pride to a bride. A wedding dress can also be the source of long hours of search, discomfort, at times tears and definite despair, hence the need for a custom wedding dress taking in to account measurements, personality, style requirements and customization.

I always approached the construction of a custom design bridal gown seriously. It’s imperative that the custom measurements are set with the utmost presidential-worthy seriousness.

My first Custom Maternity Bridal Gown

Then along came Lynne.

We laughed and laughed all the time. Lynne I could tell was the life of the party but what made her unique was that she loved and was also loved. Her conversation switched between her concern for her loved ones to her sharing funny moments to things of more profound realms. Being around Lynne is to converse or in some case party with your own living and breathing stress reliever. I was so happy that she chose to go through the custom wedding dress Fargo, ND experience with MeJeanne Couture.

There was one design aspect that Lynne brought to the table that I admit made me nervous. When she contacted me and was trying on dress she was pregnant. The wedding was in 6 months. How could I predict her measurements? Using the right measurements and feel were essential in achieving that balance between her being the life of party and her giving life, her feeling comfortable to the dress being so uncomfortable that she stays seated the whole time.

This custom wedding dress couldn’t be stiff. Lynne’s  bridal gown needed to be fluid, allow her to dance and float around like a princess. The custom wedding dress design also she insisted should not hide her pregnancy but celebrate this period of her life. In the face of many requirements, custom design not only shines but also presents itself as the only worthy alternative off the rack , “I hope this size works” wedding dress.

Lynne Olson Close Up - Custom Wedding Dress By MeJeanne Couture

Little by little, the answer came to me. The custom wedding dress I would have to construct  needed to maintain her open and fun personality while hinting innocence, hint to her depth of mind. Lynne’s bridal gown had to celebrate  the new life and cater to the growing belly. I turned to the Greeks for inspiration and as it turned out I must have made the right choice because “Whoomp there it” was. An elastic, effortless design with pleated decoration which incorporation wholesomeness and gave whoever wearing it freedom of movement and comfort.

Lynne Olson - Custom Design Wedding Dress by MeJeanne Couture

I couldn’t possibly simply recycle some of my previous design and cater it to Lynne. Each bride requires a dress that is first of all hers. And that’s what I set out to do. Find Lynne in a wedding gown; find the woman whom love brought to the alter in a beautiful dress, also find the mother in a solemn design.

The Importance of a Custom Maternity Bridal Gown

There was one design aspect that Lynne brought to the table that I admit made me nervous. When she contacted me for a custom wedding dress in Fargo, ND, she also mentioned that she was pregnant. The wedding was in 6 months. How could I predict her measurements and how could I based design on her being the life of party and her giving life.

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Lynne sharing a passionnate kiss with her husband - Custom Wedding Dress by MeJeanne Couture

An Amazing Experience

Not only did I make Lynne’s bridal gown but I also made the dresses for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. The whole experience was a blessing. For the first time my work as a wedding designer was mentioned in a speech given during the ceremony and I forced tears out of my eyes.

Thank you Lynne for trusting me and making this experience fun, enjoyable. Thank you for also bringing me a challenge that helped me grow as a designer. Lastly thank you for teaching me to just laugh at myself when I possibly making things more stressful than they needed to be.

Lynne Olson with her Husband - Custom Design Wedding Dress by MeJeanne Couture

Bride: Lynne Olson     Groom: Chris Olson

Wedding Dress:MeJeanne Couture

Photography: Legacy Photography

Location:    Fargo, North Dakota-USA

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