The Perfect Custom Wedding Dress for Ashley Laroche

Meeting Ashley Laroche

My next blog entry is about the making of Ashley (Dahlberg) Laroche’s MeJeanne Couture custom wedding dress. We met at Tessa (Jean Pierre) Gaetjens’ wedding -for whom I had made a beautiful custom wedding dress. There she was, effortless, sexy… a breath of fashion breath of fresh air conspicuous mint green Greek inspired gown. Not only did her fashion sense strike me but her conversation and laughter made an impression as well.

As we sat across from each other, she shared her life story which was romantically riveting.Through her words, I found a hopeless romantic who had left the fast pace life of California to adopt the picturesque surroundings of Cap Haitian. Truly I had found a kindred spirit.

A couple of months after that wedding, I got the call from Ashley and I was ecstatic. I won that appointment due to her extensive and positive research and feedback my work has garnered throughout the years.

MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche

The Benefits of a Custom Wedding Dress

Since our initial contact, Ashley had traveled to California and tried at least 10 gowns. None of them stood out enough for her to make a decision.
What Ashley truly wanted was a mixture of the styles and features she liked.

MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche
That is the reason why brides enjoy MeJeanne Couture’s custom bridal services. The ability to create a dress no only based on size but designed around style preferences is an affordable luxury that each bride deserves.

The Creation of Ashley’s Custom Bridal Gown

After a few chats and inspirational photos exchange, I sketched a gown that combined all the key elements of her perfect custom wedding dress. It featured a cape which I thought brought a fresh touch. One problem surfaced quickly. Would the cape be over the top? Between the cape and the veil, what was more important?

After weighing all of our options, looking at the fabrics she liked and the features she wanted in her custom wedding dress careful thought and fabric selection, we decided that a veil would be the best choice.
Ashley wasn’t confident that the silhouette of the designed I suggested would fit her body. To gain her confidence, I offered to create the same gown with an affordable fabric. That way she could be more at ease and make changes if necessary. I want any of my MeJeanne Couture customer to feel comfortable and confident in the gowns I make for them.


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Adding the Final Touch to a Custom Wedding Dress

Working on MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche

Ashley received the first version of her gown in January 2016. From the videos she sent me, I saw that she was happy. With her comfort level and confidence happily raised, she suggested some daring changes. Some of those changes included having a greater cleavage.

MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress- Fabrics - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche

Now that we had pinned down the style Ashley wanted, the challenge came from the beading. Fortunately, I had hired three additional seamstresses who worked tirelessly to complete this gown. With each picture and video, I sent her, her excitement grew wildly. This custom wedding dress was coming along beautifully.

MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress- Fabrics - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche

3 weeks before the wedding, I flew to Cap Haitian for the final fitting. When Ashley put the custom wedding dress, there was a gasp in the room. We all agreed that this gown was fit for a royal wedding. The back was gorgeous and the train made with beaded trim was divine.

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MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress - Custom Veil - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche

The Big Day

The big day came and I had the privilege to dress the bride.  Then it witnessed the most moving scene. Her mother’s walked in, gasped and with warm tears in her eyes said something in Spanish. She looked at me and said ” thank you for making my Ashita look like a Princess.” She continued, “she is so beautiful and your gown is a master piece.” She gave me a big hug.

Rare are the moments where I have surpassed myself. The late night, the soreness in my fingers. The time spent coming up with at least 10 different designs before proposing a few to Ashley, all of it was justified with smiles and tears I witnessed.

The wedding was a beautiful fantasy. The bride and groom danced to a lovely song from Sade.

Thank you Ashley

I don’t say it enough but I Love what I do. I make many sacrifices and I make sure that I always give my 110% all the time. While there is always room for growth, designing and making design marked a personal milestone for myself.

I am happy that Ashley chose me out of so many others she could have gone with… and for that Ashita I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing MeJeanne Couture to bring your vision to life!

You trusted us with your custom wedding dress and tt was truly and honor and hope I will make many other gowns for you.


Decor and catering: Idzamir creations
Gown: MeJeanne Couture
Makeup: Matti Domingue

MeJeanne Couture Custom Wedding Dress - Ashley Dahlberg Laroche - Beautiful Bride
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